We offer a breadth and depth of superior regulatory services including SDS authoring services unmatched in this category. Our highly experienced ICSDS staff continually monitors the latest requirements in government affairs, compliance, and the most significant toxicity endpoint database that give our clients a clear competitive advantage in compliance and safety for them and their downstream users.

We are firmly committed to maintaining our standards of excellence as we expand our business across different industries, professions, and regions of the country and worldwide.

We have worked successfully with clients in a broad spectrum of industries as some of them are listed below:

  • Basic chemicals & Commodity Chemicals, i.e., bulk petrochemicals and intermediates, inorganic and organic compounds;
  • Biocides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers sectors;
  • Oil and gas industries, crude oils, natural gases, and so forth;
  • Professional products like, building and road construction materials;
  • Other derivatives, such as pigments, dyes, and surfactant;
  • Life science industries, such as pharmaceuticals and any chemicals used in processing pharmaceuticals, health products, and hygiene and cosmetics;
  • Specialty chemicals such as adhesives, sealants, coating, epoxies, industrial cleaning products, catalysts, paints, and surface treatment chemicals;
  • Self-defense devices and chemicals, rifle cartridges;

Please Contact our team if you do not find your industry in the above list.