Regulatory Challenges

Today’s regulatory requirements, especially after introduction of Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), are becoming a worldwide challenge for industries of any kind. Labels and (Material) Safety Data Sheets, (M)SDS, are the most common tools used for communications of hazards in use and handling of a given product. The (M)SDS that are authored according to the criteria of GHS are known as Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Availability of fully compliance SDS are mandated by official authorities for commercial activities including but not limited to using or manufacturing a products and domestic or international trades. >>


Emerging Issues

Manufacturers, importers, distributors and commercial and professional users of hazardous chemicals in Canada and United States, are mandated to meet the fast approaching deadlines that are established upon adoption of GHS. By June 1st, 2015, every hazardous chemical must be reclassified according to the criteria of the GHS while the SDSs must be revised according to the GHS requirements. During this transition some products that were not considered hazardous may be defined as hazardous. Reclassification of chemicals and revision of the SDS requires tremendous scientific expertise and regulatory knowledge. ICSDS is equipped with necessary tools and expertise to give you the premium service you’ve been looking for. >>


International Requirements

Introduction of any product internationally requires a fully compliance SDS and labels that are created according to the local applicable jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions have implemented GHS fully while others are in a transition period, where deadlines are established by the applicable jurisdiction. June 1st, 2015 is assigned by Europeans and Brazilian authorities; due to the adoption of 4th revision of GHS, all Chinese SDS must be revised by Nov. 1st, 2014 ; while Korean, New Zealand and Japanese GHS implementation are fully enacted. Additionally, providing a compliance SDS that is created in local language are mandatory by most jurisdictions. >>


SDS Authoring/Update

Whether you are introducing new products, updating your existing (M)SDS according to GHS or if you are expanding your business overseas, you may require to author, reformat, update or revise an SDS to be able to put your products into the market. Regardless of adoption of the GHS, providing a compliant SDS and label is a challenge to industries. Although you have learned the principles of GHS through UN purple book or any other applicable jurisdictions, but it is important to know how each country have implemented GHS differently to meet their current regulation needs. ICSDS experienced team of scientists and regulatory members are working together to create your SDS and meet your needs for an affordable fee. >>