Japan Chemical Management Centre publishes brochure in English

On September 10th 2014, a brochure describing the role of Japan’s Chemical Management Centre in English published by its National Institute of technology and Evaluation (NITE), which includes supporting compliance with regulations such as the Chemical Substances Control Law (CSCL) and providing information on the hazards and risks of chemicals.

We must understand and appropriately manage chemical substances in order to use them for our convenient and rich lives without sacrificing safety. For that end, it is necessary to make efforts to manage and reduce risks appropriately considering the results of the assessment of the risks based on the natures of chemical substances and their exposure dose in order to prevent adverse effects on the environment and human health assuming various cases in the life cycles and exposure routes of chemical substances. It is also important to proceed with chemical management throughout the entire society by sharing information among the interested parties such as the people, business operators, and government in the process (risk communication).

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